What's Your Post-Covid Digital Strategy?

July 2, 2020

Over the last few months the World has witnessed an unprecedented change that has left no part of our society, economy and sense of self untouched. As the World moved into lockdown and uncertainty over the future of business looms, we share our thoughts on In our latest blog the ever changing landscape of digital marketing and the need for adaptation and strategy for brands to truly connect, grow and engage with their clients post-Covid.

What does lockdown mean for the growth of digital? Throughout lockdown we have witnessed a greater emphasis on the digital experience for businesses across the globe. Firstly, UX and content has been ramped up even more and become a guiding factor on how to engage with clients. As we have witnessed over the last 3 months, those businesses that have added value for their clients have seen a shift towards the creation of on-brand content and the move towards entertainment that firmly places the client and the experience at the heat of their digital offerings. Coupled with exceptional online support and experience, these companies have set the benchmark for future digital activities. Engaging content can be the curation of events (from other brands e.g live streams of musical and theatre performances) to creating dedicated content in-house. Regardless of where and how the content is created it is built to reassure and engage the user through the acknowledgement of the situation, not shying away from the reality we are living in, to creating a journey for the user. Discover more about creating a premium website experience with our luxury website design services

Social media, of course, has seen a dramatic increase in both usage and an increase in postings. Going forward, with the ever increasing noise on social media platforms, brands need to adapt their messaging and platforms to resonate and engage with consumers by understanding both the type of content and medium that resonates with users.

What’s more, driving traffic from social media to dedicated content hubs further adds value and creates and experiential transaction in the mind of the consumer. 

In the age of endless scrolling, likes and shares social media has become an even bigger part of the lives of consumers. As a brand, ensuring that your social channels engage and inspire is more important than ever. Read more about our luxury SEO services

Having a strong online presence within search engines is more important than ever As the World shifts to digital at an accelerated pace, it is vital that clients can find your brand through the SERPs. SEO continues to be the highest converting marketing channel. cementing it as the digital channel to invest in. Combined with an multichannel approach (social media, news/blog, and rich content) further encourages users to spend time on the website and experience the brand. 

The future for digital is an exciting one. New technologies, methods of connection and experiences are developing at a fast pace and further equip brands to create experiences for clients to reinforce their identity, messaging and value.

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