Today As Then | Introducing AllÓRA

March 25, 2021

We are delighted to announce a new partnership with Italian homeware and linen specialists AllÓRA. In today’s blog post, we introduce the brand to our readers and explore their beautiful designs, objects and fabulous, rich linens.

AllÓRA, founded by Federica and Alberto Mantovani, is dedicated to bringing the very finest Italian linens, homeware and decorative items to homes across the world. Hailing from Cesena, a lovely medieval town in the heart of Romagna, Italy the region is renowned for its ceramics and textiles and this appreciation is ingrained within the pair. 

The nascent brand’s motto “oggi come allora” (today as then) runs throughout their philosophy, approach to their wares and the feeling they communicate throughout their company. With a deep love of design, the company curates a fine collection of items that are selected for their aesthetic beauty as much as their exceptional quality. 

Each of the brands chosen by the company are known for their artisanal designs and exceptional craftsmanship. Stamperia Bertozzi linens, beautifully hand-painted and hand-printed linen specialists, and Tessitura Pardi are just two company’s whose rich traditions and skill can be found at AllÓRA. 

Their linens, woven on traditional looms, include beautiful luxury linen tablecloths delicately soft  luxury bath linen and towels and fabulously bright designer linen napkins are additions to the home that are to be cherished. Likewise, their collections of handblown Murano glassware and copper cookware are  artisanal pieces that they bring from Italy to the world. Sharing their passion for perfection, they have recently launched a new bespoke home decor service offering made-to-measure pieces to help clients create magical and memorable dining experiences. Whether you are looking for individual pieces to add to your collection or a fully custom service, their bespoke linen tablecloths, bespoke porcelain and range of linen fabrics allow you to create inspiring items for your home - designed just for you. 

Our luxury digital marketing agency are delighted to be working with AllÓRA and our suite of services will help the brand move forward to reach new clients.  Known as a luxury SEO agency, we are also providing luxury social media management services to assist in growing the account, reaching new clients and create a tailor made strategy to bring AllÓRA to the world. 

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