Social Media Management

Social Media Management


The Luxury Marketing Agency has a proven track record of delivering engaging and high performing social media campaigns. Developed and refined by over a decade of experience, we implement unrivalled organic and paid social media experiences for clients and their followers.

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Social Media Strategy & Management

Communication is at the heart of our social media strategies ensuring that messaging is clear and on brand. Our social media management service consists of crafting clear strategy and goals, producing beautiful and engaging content that maximises the effectiveness of paid social media campaigns tailored for each client and campaign. Aligning with your goals, we employ a thorough strategy to ensure that we surpass your campaign requirements. We take on the role of fully understanding your brand and audiences through in depth analysis across your channels before developing a bespoke strategy. Central to our philosophy is working with you to create a responsive tone and voice, in line with your branding, to ensure that both visual and written messages ensure that your audiences engage with your content.

Beautiful Content That Gets Talked About

Beautiful brands require beautiful content and our team of designers, art directors and illustrators produce exceptional content that showcases your brand. Carefully curated and designed, our strategic approach to content creation means that we work with you to plan engaging and creative content schedules. What's more, as a full service agency we vertically align your content schedule in line with your other digital marketing touch points to ensure clear messaging and consistency in turn maximising the effectiveness of our work and your brand.
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Organic Social Media

Central to a successful social media team is its people. Our team have a expert knowledge in understanding how to leverage organic social media that compliments and enhances each brand’s identity and messaging achieving excellent results and growth in terms of reach, engagement and results.

Paid Social Advertising

Throughout all of our paid social advertising campaigns we work to produce content that resonates and engages, providing a measurable ROI. During a campaign we create a strategy based on your goals, create appealing adverts and compelling copy, carefully monitoring and optimising each campaign to ensure its success. Using intelligent conversion tracking and reporting software, our insights work with your team to provide actionable takeaways for each brand. Market insights allow us to craft high converting adverts and landing pages that are targeted towards your goals allowing for insights to be implemented in future endeavours. Each influencer campaign is based on our ethos of working with the right influencers that compliment each brand’s objectives. Through our bespoke approach we are able to ensure that each collaboration enhances each brand in a genuine way whilst driving coverage and meeting campaign objectives.
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