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July 13, 2020

The Luxury Marketing Agency are excited to announce the latest client to our growing portfolio; Diamonds Hatton Garden. Based in Hatton Garden, the specialist jewellery company have been operating for over 40 years. 

The latest addition to our clientbase, the family owned jewellery company specialise in diamond jewellery, principally engagement rings, bespoke diamond jewellery and loose fancy coloured diamonds. Known for their industry leading expertise and large inventory of the much desired fancy coloured diamonds, the company have seen a growth in business during the first quarter of 2020 as clients seek to forgo traditional investments and move into the acquisition of loose diamonds. 

Led by Harel Kuzi from their London atelier, the company recently signed a joint venture agreement with De Beers sightholders Motiganz giving DHG access to raw, uncut diamonds from the De Beers sight in Botswana. As part of the network it allows the company to be involved with each stage of the process and guarantees ethically sourced diamonds of exceptional quality and provenance. 

On the partnership with TLMA, Director Harel Kuzi reiterates the desire for the company to move forward and embrace the digital landscape. 

“With The Luxury Marketing Agency we have found a partner that can assist our business in growing through digital channels. In an increasingly competitive market we want to be able to attract clients across the World through a strong digital presence that will excite and inspire our new and old clients. This partnership is a move we are committed to making and look forward to working with TLMA.”

Part of our commitment to providing digital marketing for luxury brands, TLMA relishes the opportunity to work with an established, independent business. Providing a suite of services, TLMA will focus on social media management, luxury SEO and business development - a tailored approach to maximise digital touch points and engaging with new and old clients. 

For more information on our latest client and to speak with our team, contact or contact our team on +44 (0)7835233607.

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