What makes good strategy?

August 27, 2020

Welcome back to the Luxury Marketing Agency blog where we bring you updates from our agency, offer insights into digital strategy and showcase our clients. In today’s blog post we look at what makes a good strategy and how to implement a digital strategy that engages all stakeholders in order to maximise results.

As a luxury marketing agency, we often work with our clients across all types of projects and digital channels. Indeed, on the commencement of each project we meet with our clients to discuss the s word: Strategy, Strategy is at the heart of any great campaign and, from our experience, having a great strategy usually leads to great results. During our initial strategy meeting and on boarding phase, we seek to understand the goals and requirements of each client to fully maximise their investment within their online marketing. In our brief entry today, we highlight three important aspects to strategy and how to implement them.

Setting Goals

One of, if not, the most important aspects of strategy is the setting of goals. This exciting time in creating a strategy is what engages and inspires, what brings together teams and fills a new project with promise. Setting realistic goals in terms of visitors, sales, reach and other metrics is an intrinsic part of creating the target that the campaign will move towards. Try to be as specific as possible and use these goals as the metrics on which to base and measure success. 

Understanding the process and execution

Now that you know what you want to achieve it is about creating the process and executing it. Understand the components that you may need to achieve the goals. Is it content? Is it media and images for social media? For SEO it is often a question of subsequently building out keywords and working with our own SEO process which we share with our clients to engage and support them with their overall strategy. Is it adding more newsletter subscribers? How can this be achieved? Think of the touchpoints and channels that you will be using and understand how they all intermingle and fit together. Building the processes helps to create a clear, signposted journey on which the campaign can run. 


A fundamental part of a successful campaign and strategy is the reviewing process. As a campaign developments we provide updates and reports to each client in order to assist them in understanding the results that are coming in. Close feedback between our teams and our clients allows the project to be successfully managed. What’s more, reviewing also allows changes to be made that can direct and improve results - as more data becomes available it can be worked into the campaign and strategy and improve the overall success.

Our luxury digital agency are proud to work with leading independent premium clients across the UK. We would love to assist you in your own digital strategy and build results with you. For more information and to discuss your ideas, contact our team via 07835 233607 or via hello@theluxurymarketingagency.com

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