A New Way Of Working

May 12, 2020

For over 10 years our agency has worked with some of the leading premium brands across the UK. Following on from world events, we have made the executive decision to de-centralise our teams and have implemented a permanent remote working policy allowing us to continue to offer the very best in service.

A New Model

Following on from an extensive design an consultation phase, we are proud to announce the launch of our new website and a new way of working. Given the current situation across the World, the executive design was made to push forward with our new website and to adapt our working practices in line with government recommendations.

As we adapt to a new World, we assure our clients, both old and new, that our services will continue to be best in class and that our dedicated team will continue to support and work with our partners to deliver the very best in digital activities.

Adapting and Growing

In the fast moving world of digital marketing an agency is only as good as its people. Across our teams we are proud to employee a mixture of creative, analytical and linguistic minds who combine to produce work of the highest quality. Given the tools at our disposal and positive feedback from both clients and our team, we have made the move to decentralise our business and allow our teams to work from home. The move whilst difficult, has enabled our team to maintain their work schedules, reduce the need to furlough and has had a positive impact on both mental and physical health. Through technologies such as Zoom and Slack we are able to be in contact throughout the working day and move forward with projects with minimum disruption and maximise our productivity.

Our Assurances

Given the uncertain nature that many businesses are facing, this decision has allowed us to strengthen our offerings and to adapt to our new model. We assure all of our clients that this new method has no detrimental affect on how we operate or the work we produce. In an increasingly globalised world the ability to collaborate on projects seamlessly has become imperative. For clients, instead of our monthly face to face meeting we now offer fortnightly Zoom meetings and have created dynamic procedures that maintain our commitment to providing exceptional service. We appreciate all of the support we have received and continue to deliver our consistent results.

For more information about our luxury digital agency and to speak to our team, contact ourselves via hello@theluxurymarketingagency.com or via +44(0)7835 233607.

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