The Optimal Digital Mix

February 2, 2021

Welcome back to the TLMA blog where we share insights into our craft and updates from our agency. In today’s blog we look into how obtaining the right digital marketing mix can lead to both increasing leads and clients and leveraging your relationship with existing ones.‍

Getting the right mix within marketing is both a science and an art. A science in the sense that, like with many choices within the digital realm, decisions are informed based on data and an art as it is through creativity and engaging campaigns that a business can connect with clients. The right mix is certainly tailored to each business at our luxury digital agency, However, there are fundamental channels that, irrespective of sector or industry, are to be employed.

Generally speaking within the marketing mix we can divide the channels used into two categories.

  • Inbound Marketing
  • Outbound marketing 

And, on a more granular level, we can also overlay where a new or existing client falls into either in or outbound marketing depending on the stage they are at within the marketing cycle.

  • Attraction
  • Nurturing
  • Conversion
  • Return/ Evangelism 

When it comes down to it, the marketing cycle describes the entire process a lead goes through before making a purchase, from research to follow-through. With regard to content production, a marketing cycle must have effective tactics in place to nurture the lead from one stage to another.

Inbound/ Marketing - The Attraction Phase

Digital marketing has given businesses and agencies the ability to attract prospects like never before. With a range of contact points that can be explored, developing a healthy inbound marketing mix is a sure way to cover all angles that are used by prospective clients. Essential to attracting new prospects is to understand which touch points they frequent and which touch points will resonate with them. Generally, inbound marketing strategies will involve elements of SEO, PPC, social media and cross promotional campaigns which can take the form of features on other websites, social media accounts or forum postings for example. High rankings, compelling CTAs and appearing for both short and long tail search terms help to get in front of the right clients through  SEO for luxury brands. Similarly, as  a PPC agency for luxury brands, much like SEO, we use the this channel to create campaigns that allow our brands to meet perspectives at the initiation of a search. This powerful selling tool allows companies to bring their services and products to clients at the point of search and, through keyword research and the crafting of a campaign,intercepts a client and their intention.  Likewise, a well maintained engaging social media account can also be used to build brand awareness , showcase products and services and begin to onboard new clients. Within social media, demographic targeting using paid social media also allows brands to explore target markets and buyer personas. 

Nuturing - Content/Landing Pages/ Retargeting

The nurturing of a lead takes place once they have interacted with your brand. This may, on websites,  include aspects of landing page design and on page content, blogs,idea books and inspiration. As the old adage goes, content is king and the importance of excellent UX design, clear navigation, enticing CTAs and imagery are all essential components to impress new website visitors and push them towards a conversion. Getting a client to the website, as we have detailed, can take the form of various channels. However, once a prospective client is on the website the channel taken to get there is not that important and the experience that the website provides takes over.  Often, it is easy to think of the first visit as the most important, which is certainly true, however should the client not convert on the first visit we can also start to nurture the client to return to the site. REtargeting through social media or Google Ads, compelling reasons to return and targeted value propositions all help the brand to get into the consciousness of the prospective and push towards conversion. 

Conversion - Sell, sell, sell

Conversion is the process of moving a prospect to a client and is the end goal for the majority of marketing campaigns. While brand awareness is, of course, important conversion is the main metric of most if not all marketing campaigns. Essentially, the planning, strategy and execution of campaigns boil down to their ability to convert visitors. Through targeted campaigns across all channels the likelihood of conversion obviously increases. A healthy marketing mix expands the touch points of a brand to clients, meets them at various stages of the marketing cycle and pushes them to the site to buy or enquire. 

In our next blog we will explore some of the tools available to maximise the lifetime value of a client and how these simple steps can lead to big rewards. 

At TLMA we work to build out coherent and engaging digital strategies that build awareness, convert and develop relationships with clients new and old. Central to our services is the ability to understand what and where your clients are in the marketing cycle and what changes we can implement to maximise ROI. We would love to have a chat with you to discuss your needs and see how we can help your business, contact our team via and say hello!

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