Linguistics and SEO

May 12, 2020

Why is an understanding of how language works so important to SEO ? In our latest post we discuss our thoughts on language and its role within SEO.

Central to our approach to Search Engine Optimisation is our ability to understand and analyse language because, after all, language is at the heart of all communication and none more so than with organic traffic and the battle for the number one spot in Google. The ability to analyse language, gauge its nuances and the intention within any given search is of the utmost importance when we start our projects. As a luxury seo agency, we have built our SEO team around their linguistic capabilities as we believe a strong understanding of the function, structure and interplay of language is just one of the components that generates exceptional SEO results.

From the creation of meta descriptions to the content on a website and the keyword portfolios that bridge the gap between the two, the old adage “content is king” surely ought to be followed with “and language is the castle in which he inhabits”.

Understanding intention

Linguistics and SEO seamlessly combine as linguists, by nature, have developed and honed the key skills required to understand the meaning and intent behind each search. Core to a successful SEO campaign is the ability to marry the keywords, tone of voice and intention behind the searches in order to produce content that not only reaches the intended audience but captures the identity and messaging of the brand. Analytics, looking at patterns, and creativity are two of the main strengths we focus on when building our teams and linguists usually have both in abundance.

The Role of Syntax

Syntax, the arrangement of words and phrases to create well-formed sentences in a language, is one of the key areas that linguists understand and is fundamental to both copy writing and keyword research. The creation of syntax through the ebb and flow of the writing, its natural movements and twists via verbs, clauses and subjects all delicately interspersed with keywords is all important when writing copy that drives both brand and business. The rhythm, tone and voice of each brand is elevated through our skilled SEO team as we adapt each project to the identity of the brand and the bespoke keyword portfolios created for them.

A Varied Vocabulary

The importance of vocabulary cannot be understated. A rich vocabulary allows both tone and register to resonate with audiences. The emotion conjured up by language; painting aspirations, ideals and desires is something that a well rounded vocabulary facilitates. Linguists are adaptive, creative and analytical allowing for beautifully written pieces that both read well and create action in the visitor.

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