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August 5, 2022

Welcome back to the TLMA blog where we bring you the latest updates and insights from our boutique marketing agency. Building a brand is one of the most important aspects in business. From developing engagement and brand ambassadors to providing a consistent experience, branding and marketing are often linked.In today’s blog we explore how Basque surfskate brand YOW created a successful brand that has gained legions of loyal clients throughout the world.


YOW Surfskate was born out of the three brothers' love for surfing. Igor, Ander and Iban Iraola wanted to be able to progress their surfing on land. One of the biggest challenges with surfing is the need for consistent waves to be able to practice specific techniques both in order to build muscle memory and to consistently execute manoeuvres. Indeed, whilst surfers have been looking to practice on land - famously leading to the birth of skateboarding - it wasn’t until 1996 when Carver boards was formed that developed specific systems that would mimic the feeling of the motion of waves and enable surfers to execute tight moves on land. Frustrated with the lack of apparel, the difficulty in importation and the pricing of American counterparts YOW (Your Own Wave) was founded.

YOW Surfskate Review: Top European-Made Surf Skateboard


At the heart of any brand looking to build its reputation and therefore client base, quality is central. Since its launch in 2000, the small company has gone on to be considered one of, if not, the best surfskate brands in the world. A remarkable feat considering the speed in which the company has grown and its ability to produce quality products. Currently, YOW has become one of the most prestigious brands of surf skates internationally. In addition to their decks, and, of course, the famous truck system, the company also produces apparel. Throughout their commitment to providing the very best has most notably expressed this through its Meraki truck system that is considered the best in the world. Yow Surfskate is one of the best surfskates brands in the market. The Basque surf skates brand has managed to make a mark among other big names in the sector such as Carver Skateboards, Smoothstar or Swelltech. Finally, the price of a YOW board offers excellent value for money which has enabled it to provide great products at attractive prices. Step one, as we can see, of building the brand is to offer excellent products consistently. 

Use This YOW Surfskate Size Chart to Choose the Right YOW Model for You


Across their digital channels, YOW maintains a consistent message through both its visuals, colour schemes and language. The website, clean and crisp, uses and attractive bright yellow that is appealing. With many new to the sport, the features of the website are designed to mimic this and offer a great UX to visitors. A key feature to the website is the board selector suggests boards to users based on their riding preferences and other factors. On a product level, the brand taps into the heritage around surfing and will often collaborate with current professionals in the form board designs as well as naming boards based after legendary people and places associated with surfers. Keeping their designs fresh, the company also partner with artists to design the underside of their decks which further cements their brand appeal and striking visuals. Finally, using Spotify, the company has produced a series of playlists that further enhance the YOW experience creating a lifestyle. Step two, creating a brand replies on consistent messaging, the creation of a community and developing a lifestyle associated with products and services.

home - YOW - Your Own Wave

Marketing channels 

YOW’s main marketing channels are their website, social media feeds, newsletter and PR. Often sponsoring events and as a means to gett their name in front of their target marke, the company share videos of their team of riders in exotic locations whilst they produce beautiful turns, twists and flows - once more cementing the lifestyle aspect of the brand. Newsletters, easily signposted on the website, also allow direct access into the world of YOW delivered to their subscribers’ inboxes. 

As a luxury digital marketing agency, we are constantly inspired by brands that inspire through their creativity, quality and uniqueness. For our team, YOW certainly tick all the boxes in these aspects. Speak to our boutique luxury marketing agency today via or call +44(0) 7835 233607 and let’s see how we can work together.

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