An Interview With Poppy Waddilove

May 21, 2020

In the first of a new series, we speak with creative individuals across fashion, art and design. The subject of today’s interview is illustrator Poppy Waddilove.

Poppy’s works have graced the illustrious pages of Town and Country magazine, Tatler and featured on international digital platforms for Vogue she has also held live drawing events at hallowed institutions including Selfridges, The Lanesborough and Mortons Club in Berkeley Square. 

A graduate of the London College of Fashion and Central Saint Martins, Poppy uses oil paint, inks and watercolour to create dream-like emotion and colour, capturing the line and gestures of her subjects. We caught up with Poppy in lockdown, socially distanced of course, to discuss what inspires her and her works. 

Poppy, thank you for speaking with us. What inspired your choice of career?

After a BA illustration course at London College of Fashion I was really unsure what path to take. So for years I interned in as many different aspects of the creative industry I could think of whilst having a couple of part time jobs. I never stopped drawing throughout and was continuously building a portfolio and had started a blog to showcase my growing portfolio.

I began working full time as an art consultant whilst my artwork was being soldthrough a private gallery. I was really unhappy in my job but, luckily,  was starting to see sales growing in my artwork. The reception I received to my artworks and style gave me the courage to just go for it and be a full time artist. I realised that living my life any other way just felt wrong, drawing and painting was the only thing that felt natural to me.

What artists inspire/excite you?

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Vincent Van Gogh, Genieve Figgis, Jean Philippe Delhomme are the main artists that spring to mind. I love quite evocative paintings that show a particular colour palette, with lots of movement and emotion. I like paintings to sort of dance in front of your eyes and have a playful element to them as well. 

You work a lot with fashion brands, what you think defines a luxury fashion brand?

Something that is made well - understanding and adhering to the economy is becoming increasingly important now. I also feel it's really important to have a genuine and authentic story behind any luxury fashion brand and to have great people advertising it which creates a lifestyle. I think this gives a sense of real investment and relatability to the person who's buying into the brand.

Who would be your dream collaboration? 

I would love to work more with hotels and form a long term relationship with them from the interior angle. For fashion, I've always been drawn to Stella McCartney. I think she is really finding creative and positive ways to create more sustainable clothing and I just love her designs.

What is your favourite part of London?

I am in love with Threadneedle Street in Bank. The buildings have such a beautiful sense of grandeur and timelessness which feels really calming to me. My favourite place to go is in the lobby in Threadneedle Hotel where I sometimes work on the computer or just sit with a peppermint tea/wine. They create a new, elaborate flower centrepiece every week and it smells amazing in there.

TLMA would like to thank Poppy for her time in talking to ourselves. To view more of her pieces, visit or contact her via

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