An Interview with Les Enfants Parties

June 2, 2020

We are excited to have coffee with Katie Burnett of Les Enfants Parties. Katie shares her insights into the fabulous world of Les Enfants. Established over 10 years ago, Les Enfants Parties are one of the U.K’s very best children’s party planners and are known for their spectacular and delightful luxury children’s parties. The benchmark in luxury service and parties, the brand has become famous for their beautiful events at the capital’s most desirable venues.

Katie, tell us about the philosophy behind Les Enfants Parties?

Les Enfants Parties, like many things, grew organically. I had a background in corporate events and wanted to turn my passion for events into something different. I started by creating parties for friends and families and Les Enfants expanded from there. Throughout the course of Les Enfants, around 15 years now!, I have always kept the same philosophy – excellence, making those extra special little details count, and, above all, creating a unique one of a kind party that excites guests of all ages.

How is Les Enfants Parties unique?

Les Enfants Parties are unique because, not only were we the first to really create such luxurious parties for children but we have retained our core philosophy. Whilst many children’s party companies create huge sets, massive props we tend to focus on a very clean, very detailed oriented scheme and aesthetic. The little details and styling is something that we do very well and making sure all those 100s of little individual elements are perfect makes a party a Les Enfants Party. Of course, we can incorporate large props and total room transformations and we often do but I would say we are more renowned for our styling and little touches than anything else.

What inspired you to become a party planner?

I’ve always had a love for organisation and creativity and I think that I almost fell into party planning. As I mentioned previously, I had a background in running large scale corporate events. I really wanted to do something different and focus on more intimate and fun parties and created Les Enfants Parties with this in mind.

What tips can you offer for party organising?

The secret to organising a party is.. plan, plan and plan! Having good planning means that on the day of the party everything can come together smoothly and, hopefully, stress free! The first step is to set the date for the party. I think around 2 ½ to 3 months can be a workable date. From there the first step is to choose your venue and theme, remember to think about how you will use the space, and get those invitations out. From there work with the various elements that will bring the party together e.g entertainment, catering, styling if you have it and send clear messages about how you want the party to be. Work and bounce ideas off of the different people you work with as their knowledge and experience can prove invaluable. From there make sure everything is on track and when the big day happens enjoy it!

TLMA would like to thank Katie and all at Les Enfants Parties for their time and insights into the wonderful Les Enfants Parties. For more information about their luxury children's parties visit

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